Monday, September 19, 2011


Kiran passed away this morning.She was all of seventeen.
I got to know her as a person when she came down for her summer holidays to Asha,my neighbour.Before that I had heard about the problems she had been through while trying to get on with the nursing training at Satbarwa.I had never tried to look beyond that.
She had been abandoned as a child by her parents and had been brought up in a home.Having fallen sick during her nursing training she had to be rehabilitated to a home of sorts in Delhi where she was helping out with teaching the slum kids and earning money,so she seemed happy and was looking towards saving enough to pursue her studies.
When she came to Asha's I would see her hovering around ,one day while striking a conversation with her somehow her need poured through so I took her shopping.It brought a lot of joy to my heart.
I asked her if she would like to meet her parents ever and if she had a clue as to where they were?She had an idea about the place but not the address but just being in Delhi gave her the hope that one day she would meet them.
Before she left I asked her to keep in touch.
A week after,I received a small package from Asha.Kiran had left it to be passed on to me.There was a key-chain with a picture of jesus,a pink ribbon rose
and a card which quoted psalm 145,19.This was a precious gift indeed,so dear in the Lord's eye.
On thursday,she went into a coma in the ICU in Stephen's,four days and she had not recovered.I had been reading the book 'The boy who came from heaven' and I was visualising Kiran watching the proceedings around her lifeless body from above with Jesus to give her company...'.She was declared dead this morning.
"She is in a better place",I told Asha, and for once I meant it.

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