Wednesday, September 21, 2011


It happened out of the blue!God was merciful in that even before I knew it had happened the news that the family was allright had reached me.
My cousin was at the skype reminding me how gracious God has been,in Iraq with the same intensity earth-quake I believe 40,000 people were killed.
I was talking to my mother the other day and she was telling me how she was praising the Lord and holding on to Dad even as my brother came running down from his room to collect them to take them to a safer place.
There is a community place where the folks gather right in the beginning of the old market place which just celebrated it's centenary.It has a huge peepal tree on top of a white limestone raise which is more than ten feet tall and can chair around thirty chairs easily.
There are lovely wooden benches by the road where the old folks gather towards the evening to catch up on the news and we sometimes just walk over as a family to sit and enjoy the evening breeze.All of it has survived the havoc of the 6.9 richter scale earthquake,a silent spectator to the rumours of all that is happening around.
I call my brother up and he says everything is fine and the day is sunny, but the fact that he continues to hover around my parents most of the day speaks volumes.
I would like to write about heroic deeds and the goodness of people around such disaster but the the news that is not flashed around is the news of selective help that is getting through to the people in need.One such news was of the Teesta-Project helicopters refusing to haul the local bodies out and only working towards rescuing their own staffs.
Even as we were frantically scrambling for the coverage of the Sikkim disaster ,it was Narendra Modi's farcical fast which was competing for the media space.
That Rahul Gandhi visited Sikkim was a big news,but he skirted Gangtok in a token visit and flew off as he had come,in a copter,even while clumps of people whom they claim to represent lie burried under rubbles unreached,unheard and uncared for.
These people do not deserve to lead,they do not know how to serve!When will the people of India wake up to this fact??

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