Monday, September 12, 2011

My sisters ,my best friends!

I seem to be going through a crisis of sorts is what I am telling my sister over the phone and lo before the word is out she tells me she anticipated it.How would she know?I live 22000 kms away from her,rarely speak to her on the phone and when I do it is almost a 'by the way'conversation,I have not seen her since the April of this year when I went home for baptism and she tells me that she knew it was coming.That's women for you.Coming back to my sister,she started counselling me and put her finger on my problem even before I had a chance to say anything.Showed me the solution to be as simple as it was all along.
I have in the past always got a good counsel from her.
She offered to pray over the phone for me which she did in a sweetly rich content which further brought light into the problem.....when she had done with it-I was light years lighter.
She has no idea of what's happening in my life whatsoever.
That's why I think sisters are our best friends!

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