Tuesday, September 27, 2011


This is Mangan for you-not a cry baby,hopeless and helpless!
Even as the nature spilled out it's wrath,the affected families were quick in getting shelter in the relative's homes.
A rumour goes forth that from one of the villages completely cut off they got a message asking the relief workers not to airdrop any more food but send them petrol so that they could start the generators.
Tried scanning the media for some news about Sikkim but the whole space was taken up by the 2G scam and Chidambaram.
This is how it is!
The locals are up and about in a big way taking control of the situation.
The aftershakes continue,relief work goes on.Was trying my brother's mobile.Could not get through.Worried,called up mom in the evening,came to know that the BSNL lines are down.
He had been about the whole day organising a brain-storming session of the engineers even as they look towards repairing the columns of the concretes which have suffered some cracks.They have invited some experts from outside as well.
Local comittees have been formed to take stock of various situation.
They all are at it heart,mind and soul.
Doing their bit!
What an amazing place,what amazing people!
Mangan,you make me proud!

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