Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Springs of water.....that I might overflow!

That was the sixth time I had got a call from the wards and my leg hurt.Dragging myself desperately through the HCH driveway,I was trying to get over with the errand as fast as I could when a group of innocents happened upon me.I took a ninety degree,trying to avoid them but the leader of the gang decided that they should take a detour as well.I took another ninety degree and I found myself talking to the Lord-'Lord it hurts!'.I felt a deep release......I found them waiting at the end of a drive-way like a bunch of kids.....I looked through them like I do most times.That's just me the way I have always been,doing things I don't mean to do.
That is the way the Lord has dealt with me with surprises I never anticipate and revealing sides of me that startles me and makes me wonder once too often.It takes an innocent to help you unlearn and it takes another to help you start learning again.
Lord,give me also springs of water...that I might overflow...

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Andi and Sheba Eicher said...

We are proud of you Cherring! Keep on moving forward in Jesus. He gives us strength when we cannot go on!