Sunday, January 13, 2013

A God who is one step ahead of me.

Today a young lady took time to share from the word with us.She was working for a cause which campaigned against 'violence against woman'.She mentioned the Delhi rape case which she said was defining a relook at the law of the land,etc.I pray to God that it might be true.
She during the course of her meditation on the word brought to my attention two enlightening passages from the Bible ,which was in a way, a revelation.
Genesis 3 vs 16 was one of them...'I will make your pains..........your desire will be for your husband and he will rule over you.'This was the consequence of the sin and the fall.'
The concept of husbands ruling over wives was a curse Jesus Christ it is broken.Amen.
The second subject that keenly got my interest was the Good Samaritan.We all are familiar with the parable.
First person to pass by is a priest..the second to pass by is a levite.....and the third person  who does not pass by but stops to help,bandage,pours in the oil and the wine ,puts the man in his own donkey,brought him to the inn and took care of him,The next day he takes out two denarii and gives it to the inn keeper and asks him to look after him with the assurance that he will pay back the extra expense.
The third person is actually a  samaritan,an out-caste.
It was in a way an explosive parable.........
Surprised and flaggerbasted when your community does not arise to help you in your time of need? Do not be.
It is often the Good samaritans who go the extra way.
I have been the priest,the levite, and the bleeding and dying man on the Jericho road.
I can never say I am the Good Samaritan because in Christ I am part of the community but I do want to thank the Lord for the Good samaritans who have ministered to me in my time of need.
After all Christ did not quote the parable for the sake of quoting it.

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