Saturday, January 12, 2013

Miracle at Cana

I was meditating on the miracle at Cana,the wedding feast where Mary urges Jesus to perform his first convert water into meet the need of the wedding feast at hand.
I could not but draw a parallel between the water in the jar and my life as a christian.I am the water,have been a water all my life,I feel comfortable being a water...and suddenly one fine day ,the need of the hour is the wine and not the water and hence the struggle begins....
That is when the Lord furrows the fields of my heart...difficult..difficult job..the temptation is to hold on to the coat but the lord beckons that I like the lame beggar throw away everything and run after him.
I always thought water was what was essential.......but wine was the need of the hour.
Keep me on my knees Lord till I become what you want me to be -water or wine in your hands to meet the need of the hour.

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