Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A list....there is a lot more!

That moment when the sun suddenly decides to rise above the London skies....
You wake up to sip that first cup of coffee...
You are actually hungry before a meal...
You are walking without any clear agenda in hand ...for the sake of walking and enjoying it.
You have just finished a chore that has been pending ..and have finished well.
In the rush of the work you take time for a moment of peace..a quiet time.
After a heavy session of work you have a day to just laze around with a good book in hand.
A worship time in a church when you feel the oneness of spirit.
That moment when it strikes you that God's still using you and showing you things.
A revelation that pops up from the Word of God.
When someone close to you has a close shave.
You connect with another human being for a worthy cause.
When the stress you have been carrying around just lifts up.
When someone tickles a funny bone and you find yourself grinning from ear to ear.
When I have made my peace with my God...and myself...and therefore....

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