Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Big joys in little moments.

I was at the Abbey in Bath today.Most Abbeys look the same but everybody visits it nevertheless,so I ambled into it as well.I saw 'The lamp of the west'-as someone called the stained glass windows ,I saw the the simple steel cross lying against a stark white sheet , a little odd in the splendour of the cathedral.
Then my eyes fell on a podium on the side where a mamoth Bible was placed .I climbed onto the podium to look at the lovely large letters from Paul to the Ephesian church.I did not realise I was being watched.A lady who was passing by walked up to me and said you like this ,pointing at the podium which I noticed then was quite a work of art.She further added that she had cleaned the podium everyday for twenty years.
I was touched but I clarified that I was filled with joy to see the life-giving word of God on the podium.
She asked me where I was from and blessed me.
I blessed her too because in that small instant she had with those few words shared the testimony of her life and partaken in my joy.

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