Thursday, January 24, 2013

I found the books!

I left the hotel in Bath at nine-thirty in the morning after a hearty breakfast.Even as I walked down the stone paved path to the townsquare I could not but take one last look back at the Pulteney bridge over river Avon.
I boarded the ten thirty to London Paddington.With a good book to keep you company the one hour journey seems like fifteen minutes.I dozed off in between.A pleasant black man came checking our tickets,before long we were pulling into Paddington.Once in Paddington I walked up to the information desk to ask for directions to the underground and a huge giant of a  man decided to pull my leg.'You are standing on the underground 'was what he said -I was a floor above.
Paddington to Tower bridge went in a jiffy.In tower bridge I bought myself a hot chocolate and a hot-dog with onions and walked into the trinity park to sit down on a wooden bench to just enjoy my fare and watch the world go by.Saw the memorials for those lost at sea at various times...
Walked around and saw a lot of people doing what I was doing catching a moment to themselves.......I almost feel like I have reached home!
Walked to the Fenchurch street station boarded the trian to Basildon,another forty minutes and I was at the station I had started my journey from three days ago.
Made a quick trip to Iceland and the 99 p shop to pick up a few essentials and took the bus up the Basildon hill to Nethermayne.
By the way I found the books I was looking for-'Red Letter Christain' by Shaine Clairborn and Tony Campolo which has been keeping me busy since I laid my hands on it and 'An Irish Country Doctor' by Patrick Taylor which I found in the christmas market in Bath.Looking at the rate at which I am devouring the books I think I was a little starved for them.

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