Friday, January 4, 2013

The verdict.

We had quite a bit of story telling during our growing up years.There were listeners and there were the tellers.My oldest sibling could literally make us dance around ,the carrot   being stories...and more stories and later on during the years in school we had an ayah di who could make everything come alive with her narration.To think back she must have had a photographic memory because she could even describe the colour of the costumes worn.
We used to be lost in a totally different world.My last but one sibling ,me being the youngest,had this penchant for making up stories as she narrated them to us .She was sometimes this painful 'fiddler on the roof 'who would follow us all over the house with her stories.
Now that we are officially crossing over to the middle-age bracket this is not done, so  she writes them in between the papers she publishes for the state gazeeters and things
like that.
She wrote a children's story and decided to test the waters with the children in the family.
My five year old charming kiwi nephew was very generous with his comments.Called it 'exquisite' and in a lower tone to his mother whispered 'did not understand it'.
The next moment he was on the desk with a pen and paper writing stories of his own.
My thirteen year old neice's comment was 'a lot of spelling mistakes!'
My seven year old neice from New Zealand was silent .We take the verdict to be 'No comments!'
My sister and I had a good laugh over it even while we chatted on the skype.
I must remember to write a children's story and test waters myself.

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