Monday, January 21, 2013


Reached Bath at 2pm in the afternoon-nearly missed the station.I have this habit of forgetting momentarily as to where I am.While travelling from Paddington to Bath,the journey was beautiful with snow everywhere.Suddenly it struck me I have travelled so much in life that I could be travelling anywhere.
It could be the coconut trees one passes through on-route to oddanchattram,it could be the mustard flowers by the wayside in Jharkhand,it could be the endless water bodies in Bengal....or it could even be the endless turnings up the Dehradun hills.I am lost in my thought .........
On reaching Bath I took a taxi to the hotel which is surprisingly reasonable in England.Oldfields House is one of the elegant Victorian houses.Barbara welcomes me into the house.I make myself comfortable in the lounge near the hearth while she serves me tea.We go through the introductions,homely and comfortable.I ask her for some advises about the places to see and she shows me a bunch of brochures and guides me through the map.Once through with my tea she offers to show me to my room.
It is a reasonably comfortable room with all the modern amenities-they even have a DVD library for the guests.On my bed is  a coffee table book on Bath and one of the hotel.
It is two in the afternoon and I have two whole days ahead of me to explore Bath the way I want to starting this afternoon.

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