Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Somebody touched me while I was praying-must have been the hand of the Lord!

The last couple of days have been strange.Walking through the hospital corridors which are yet to bounce back from the holiday mood,I came across exactly six people crying .I have not seen anyone cry in the past three months I have been here.I wondered if someone was praying for me.
An elderly lady ,could have been in her seventies was looking hassled in the corridors.She was lost.She had come out of the emergency unit to grab a coffee but she had been going round in circles.Not only did that upset her but the condition of her husband as well.He had been discharged a fortnight ago but had come in again.She somehow felt he would not make it this time.She specifically used a line which we seldom hear here,'I feel so lonely'even as I guided her through the corridors to the canteen where I waited while she bought her coffee and a few crackers.It was past mid-day but that was the first meal of the day.She offered to buy me a coffee ,I declined and then I walked back with her to the emergency.Her face lit up when she found her husband's bed-side.I left her there and got back to work.
A Vietnamese gentleman with cystic fibrosis had come in with secondary infection and haemoptysis.His young wife,fragile, was crying by the bed-side.Not only was she fighting the battle alone but she was also worried about her own health ,she thought she might be catching some infection.They had housing problems,she felt isolated because her family was so far away.I could just about communicate my empathy because of the business of the emergency but this morning she caught me when I had some free time in hand and she started talking...I listened and I prayed asking God for wisdom.
I continue to ask,I continue to seek......I continue to see......  'what Oh Lord?'

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