Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Human Failings and ministry of God!

I was taking the congregation through the life of Simon Peter and his relationship with Jesus.Throughout Christ's ministry on earth we see Simon Peter as a fallible human being showing streaks of genious,impetuos and blatantly short of most things expected of him.Yet when Jesus' appears to the disciples after the crucification he leaves the ministry of reconcilliation to Peter,firstly by reconciling him to himself and then to the greater ministry of God.He asks Peter the pertinant question -'Do you love me?'.When Peter says he does,he asks Peter to look after his sheep.
He could have asked this question to Peter just before he was crucified,after all what is more important to man than his life .
The fact that Christ had the question for Peter at that juncture, points towards the importance the events that were to follow after the crucification had for the Christ -the ministry was more important than anything that we as human beings deem important in our lives today.
Do we like Christ have that clarity?Do we deem the the ministry of reconciliation the most important part of our lives,more than life itself?
'If you love me-feed my lambs....'...was what jesus told Peter.
In that all important time of decision in our lives may the voice of Christ reach out to us asking that very pertinant question -do you love me ?May we be able to hold our heads high ,look at the face of Christ and say-'I do lord! and mean it.

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