Saturday, May 22, 2010

Those touts of UP!

India with it's population ,has promises and it has it's desperadoes!
The government has started the RSBY schemes to insure health for the below poverty line patients and guess who benefits from the arrangement in UP?It is the touts.There is something about the average Indian psyche which is forever tryinhg to beat the system to make money somewhere,somehow!The touts collect the BPL patients from the villages,herd them to the local nursing homes and get cuts,afterall the government is willing to shell out Rs.30,000 per patient and this is the kind of money the poor may never see.It feeds the greed of the private providers and the tout make money..I dread to even try and understand the dynamics of how the system works at the ground level but how I wish it did not work the way it does...somehow the whole 'idea'behind it seems lost!

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