Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Life's lessons.

In the out-patient in Uttraula,a young lady walked in.She caught my attention because of her bright happy smile which lingered on...she had a micrognathia and a pinched nose but her happiness showed..she was beautiful.I just about heard the staff nurse informing them that she was in the family way and the husband responding,'that's what they say!'.The nurse in a huff told the husband off.
I was looking at her with a clinician's eye so I asked her to open her mouth to check her palate at which the husband immediately rebutted-'I have had a dream that she was able to talk!'.It was then that it struck us that she was deaf and dumb.
That's how all of us started chatting with the couple.With the husband verbally and with the wife ...well she understood every word of what we said...they were so full of wonder,both of them!
It was amazing ,I had seen more than a hundred ladies walking past that out-patient with different complaints and ailments-there was just one patient's spirit and disposition that caught my eye on account of the sheer beauty in it-and she was actually deaf and dumb!
It makes me wonder!

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