Sunday, May 9, 2010

Moral Delimna!!

Four days post-surgery and I feel beaten but not out.It's been a busy sunday with Kenny and the CMC kids in town.They have gone fishing to the dam -the other team apparently caught twenty five small fishes...I am not too sure about the CMC kids...but just the novelty of catching a rod in a moving water should be refreshing on a hot summer day.Some of us even go swimming there.
The church was good with the children doing their VBS presentations.No sermon but the dramas were heavily laced with messages so we had enough food for thought.
Amidst the apparent drama of being generally indiposed,I had to go through the rigour of talking tough to a poor old,village parent of one of the nursing student who seem to have apparently gone astray...i still feel absolutely lost...??how do you talk tough to a parent of a young girl from the remote corner of the country,who has put in his life's saving...,got into debt heavily to push a girl child into the nursing school with aspirations of a good future and the child after having been in your institution for better part of three years decides to cut corners at the last moment??What exactly do you tell the parent?You have failed?....She has failed?...or is it we have failed??....God give me the grace!

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