Saturday, May 22, 2010

OOopie and Uttraula!

I find this land of UP fascinating to say the least.I am in Uttraula,a four hours drive from Lukhnow in a predominantly muslim area-it almost reminds me of old delhi.There are mosques and more mosques and the domes against the backdrop of the skies look beautiful.There are ladies in burkha and men with long beards everywhere,at peace with themselves and with the world at large.You can hear the friday prayers almost touching the skies.....a man at the microphone at it.i take a rickshaw to the the market to buy some fruits and I feel absolutely at home with the RP giving me a running commentary about the place.He is an old man in his fifties ,salt of the earth type who has been taking the hospital staffs to the market since time immemorial.
The hospital is one of it's kind.It's what a mission hospital should be, in the middle of nowhere.A small place with the faithfuls toiling on in a balanced life...,no huge structures,no kingdoms so-called monuments to show ...just a mission hospital doing it's work in one of the most forsaken places in India.Working ,praying and making a difference one person at a time.

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