Monday, May 10, 2010

Is it dementia or plain laziness!

Walking from the hospital to the mess in the peak heat of the afternoon one patient caught me on the way and asked me that tough question I dread the most-what is the date today?I can't for the world of me figure out why I find the question so dreadfully tough.I could have the calender glaring at me from the board in front of me and I would still take a cool three minutes to get my orientation right.i realised on the retrospect that I had given her the wwrong date.
I remember my room-mate from the college days,who remembered my bank ids,roll number,anything that had to do with remembering numbers-I wonder if it is plain laziness or something more.I am pretty good at maths.My teachers singled me out as the lady who was extremely good with numbers and was kind enough to express their super high expectations of me during my board exams.I was good with logic and was at one time the only student in the class who could deal with it.
Sushma walked into the OPD with a chart and I ask her instantly -'what's the date today?-she promptly replied 'the 10th'.
I shared my delimna with her and she started laughing.She tells me that during the rounds when I write the doctor's note with every bed I ask the staff for the date..Now that sounds like a serious problem...
I need to make sure I make an effort to remember the dates and stay oriented or I could be suffering from.....I hope not!

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