Monday, May 10, 2010

Oh those bananas!!

One can easily count the number of banana trees in the campus....each time the fruit starts looking decent enough it starts dissapearing in ones and twos...most days it belongs to noone in particular so nobody minds but everyone seems to keep a count of the fruit and one often hears a running commentary of the current score.Dr Binks when he left the campus left us a tree laden with a bunch.All of us mess members were keeping a close watch on it.Since it was in the premises of the mess it was taken for granted that it would ultimately fall on the plate of the mess members.
One morning I saw Nandu dragging the whole bunch across the mess floor.I made a mental note of it absent mindedly and carried on with my business of eating.
In the evening Moilen ,the cook gave me an up-date on what actually happened.
With our single track mind it had completely slipped our minds that there was another group who would lay claim to the fruits in the premise and due to the sheer law of occupancy rights they had a bigger claim on the produce than we did.
Moilen was quietly making the breakfast in the morning when sister Emil who was on her way to work suddenly alerted her to the fact that a group of monkeys were at work with the bananas.
The monkeys apparently had decided to have a banana party and had divided the spoil quite decently and evenly amongst themselves.Moilen says even the tiny monkeys who had no idea as to what the banana was for had one each in their hands and were moving it from one hand to the other wondering what they could do with it,Moilen got down to work,just about managed to save a couple of dozens for us and there was Nandu dragging the bunch across the floor like a victor who had just dragged his trophy in after a valiant fight!

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