Saturday, May 1, 2010

Not doped-just happy!!

I have started moving around with my shoulder bag -what does the bag contain?It contains a variety of textbooks published by Oxford for medicine.I enjoy the subject and it beats me how I could have conned myself into staying away from it for so long.My adrenaline starts pumping and I feel everything suddenly start falling into's like coming back home again.
We have started conducting the classes for the junior doctors and it's fun having the juniors back as life moves on.As for me I am in that temporary mode soul already long out of this place....doing the things from moment to bags packed and ready to move.
The other day I was telling my sister,there must be something in the way I seem to be carrying myself lately,I seem to attract a lot of backpackers whenever I travel-I honestly feel like I am suspended in the air ,almost like a zombie....I like the feeling though,actually I am waiting ,the moment I get the signal I am out of here .It's almost a release when one apprehends in one's character a lack of attachment to anything,anything at all.The reality of the temporariness of all that's around puts everything in proper perspective.
I also happily went and got my mammography done in Ranchi the other day in the course of my work-Need to go and pick up my results one of these haloed days.Amazing times!! Enjoying every moment of it.

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