Saturday, September 29, 2012

A week into it.

Gotta get used to the way things are done here.Predictability factor is missing.Every day you are on to something new.I have never been in a situation where you actually get a week off after five days of ten hours week.It is like as though someone is saying ,'have a life!'So it is a lazy saturday morning.I put in my clothes for laundry.Recieved a note from Anu asking me whether she should come by to pick me up for the week-end.
Got to get a few things in order.
I am shifting room this week-end for one.I am trying to get my debit card working.Have not decided whether I want to go to South-end on sea for a day or two just to be away.
One good news was after one and half weeks of sharing a flat ,yesterday I came to know that two of my flatmates are good believers.Got talking to one of them but the other one I must have seen and said hello to her once.She was on night call the first week I came and has been on a holiday eversince.
All believers who live in the campus visit the baptist church round the corner.I was blessed the last week I went for the service.One of my flat-mates apparently attends the bible studies there.
I look forward to meeting her once she gets back.
Otherwise I have a lot of fellow countrymen around me.
A Gujju lady lives next doors.Another Gujju gentleman lives in the oppositte flat and a tamilian srilankan lady lives upstairs....and the list goes on.


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