Monday, September 17, 2012

Getting to know myself!

Today was my first day of work at Basildon Hospital.
I got my security card made,applied for the e-access,rebooted my bank account,got the feel of the work I was to do in the coming days.
Saw a case of florid sub-arachnoid haemorhage Hunter and Hess scale-grade 3,another case of multiple sclerosis with eye defects(reminded me of a little child paramjit had brought to me with similar symptoms,she completely recovered at that time but my guess is she has MS(although she has presented with the symptoms only on one occassion ),a case of oesophageal diverticulum and the  usual medical cases.
Acute medical ward is an ideal place for reviewing and updating  one's medicine without the stress of A and E or the prolonged management of chronic diseases.
It is also about doing things in an orderly manner,following protocols and a chance to revise medicine.The only thing that appalled me was the one week break we are liable to get every twenty one days.This is the first month and I almost asked my consultant aloud,'what am I going to do for one week?'May be I will have answers for it by and by,but I will really have to learn to face myself instead of trying to hide  behind work and whatever else I hide myself behind.
This time in England should be able to give me some answers to a lot of questions I have about myself.

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