Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Is what we are doing enough?

The quality of lab services we provide has to go beyond the rhetorics.The backbone of every hospital and clinical pratice is the laboratory .We have to admit that lab services remain one of our weakest points.When it remains weak,slowly the quality of medical services provided become more provisional and we remain limited in the range of medical services we can provide well. We can never think of improving our lab service till by some miracle some specialist pops into our hospital,decides to stay back and the hospital gives it the necessary backing.

It is extremely mandatory that each lab personal undergo one to one evaluation at a regular interval.That keeps one on their toes.

Apart form the quality control measures which apparently has been introduced in all the hospitals ,the lab continues to be a problem area.One time generalised training and workshop for the personals DO NOT HELP.After attending umpteen number of seminars and workshops they go back to the same way of working.One is yet to see a definate change take place.

This same rule goes for every other personal working in the mission hospital.When I decided to come to England for a year of acute medicine ,one constant line I often heard was 'What one learns in England will be of no use for the mission hospitals we go back to.'

I found these statements highly irritating for one,but did not bother to correct them .But the more medicine I learn here ,the more I wonder if I have done justice to my patients in the hospital I have worked in.With the limited facilities available we have done our best but at the end of the day we are talking about equitable health-care.Unless we know what the patients in the first world get, how are we going to strive towards getting as much for the least of us.

We are serving in the name of the King of Kings but we often serve and take pride in the fact that we don't act like it.

Abstinence on a personal front is commendable but not JUST when we are abstemious towards the service of those very people who give us the identity we so seem to covet.The poor deserve the best ,especially when we claim to do it in the name of Him,who is the end of quality,beyond compare.Our utmost for His highest! Do we stand?

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