Friday, September 21, 2012

Have a good weekend Mrs X.

It's been less than a week since I have started working in London.Slowly but surely, the Lord's teaching me step by step,ways to settle down.I have started doing the ward works inspite of the access to the trust clinical hub coming through only on Monday.It was a full day today.Working on the ground.
The first day or two were the days of just watching the world go by.Apart from the system one has to get familiar with,there is a whole line of abbreviations one has to interpret,one can call it the Basildon lingo.The commercial names of the drugs used is the other thing .I run around quite a bit asking questions which is normal for me,my sister often says I take people's trip interviewing them.
It amazes me to see the patient's who come in.Most of them are elderly citizens,amazingly perky with the wisdom of the age who are unusually kind.There are many extremely fragile,like kids,who look at you with lovely innocent eyes.Mrs X turns her head each time someone walks past her door.Yesterday when I saw her it was her daughter she was on the lookout for.Each time someone walked past she would hopefully ask,'Is that you Doris?'Today the question had changed to 'Is that you Paul',and then she further asked me ,'did you see my son?'
I happened to walk past her ward so I just dropped in to say hi.Seeing me with my bag,she asked me are you going home now?I said yes.She has dementia and was brought in yesterday.She was found face down in her house by her daughter.
Even as I bid Mrs X a goodbye for the weekend,I see her comfortably settle down to another bout of expectations,I am not sure who.

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