Friday, September 14, 2012

off to London to see the queen!

A week before the trip to London was a mixed bag.My sister was given a MCQ to solve by my older sister.Is she excited about the journey or is she nervous?she opted for the latter which is not quite true but I surprised myself with the number of health issues that actually came through the last week.
After starting the trip I was into it,and had no time to reflect at all.
Emirates was a pleasant surprise especially the service.Airports look all the same,Dubai was no different.
Landed in London in the morning.Worked my way to Elizabeth's house.Rested,showered,lunched  and it was off to RCP and GMC.Naa noi,who has been communicating with me thus far was a surprise.Her name sounded oriental but it was a beautiful black lady,as compassionate as she sounded in her communication who greeted me,guided me and looked after my luggage even as I went to the GMC for my id check.
Londoners get full points in the art of helping strangers.I had all sorts of people lugging my 30kg suitcase though the underground,et al.Some of them looked wee smaller then myself but were I guess stronger.
Reached Basildon at around five in the evenng.
Providence had my accomodation ready.I couldn't wait to hit the bed.After a quick dinner I was off to the dreamland sleeping off my jet lag.
The next day I worked through the personals and I join work on Monday.
Met a few people from dear India.Put faces to the names I had been communicating with.
As soon as the communication got through received letters from Dr Binks,Dr Richard.
Dr Richard and Anne are planning a trip through Essex..I look forward to meeting them.He had also copied out a bible study site on revelations for me.
Dr Binks was meticulous in the detailed directions and organising he had done .It struck me afresh how good a clinician he was because of this quality.His two paged letter was better than any guidebook one can lay hold of.
Tomorrow I guess I would have to go church hunting although Dr Binks has already connected me to a CMF i/
Like I told Naa,..'I'll find my way..Naa,..don't worry....I always do..!
I will  or  to be exact  'God will!'-He always does.


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