Saturday, September 29, 2012

Precious scraps in my purse.

Am I a wee bit sentimental or what ! I have moved houses ,lost my

purse ,have been through various phases in my life, taken most things under

my stride by God's grace ,but somethings have gone along with me.I keep

chucking old papers,spending old money,wearing out old clothes,even

walked past a lot of people in my life but somethings I hold on to and it

keeps passing the chucking test.

One such precious item is a 10 pound scottish note which has been in my

purse for the better part of the decade.It was the winter of 2006,November

to be exact and I was visiting England for my ERS fellowship

.Christmas was around the bend and I was at the Bink's in


I received my first post in England that year and it was a christmas card

from Scotland fromDr Anne Urquat.This ten pound note was neatly folded

within the card .

I had met Dr Anne Urquat briefly when she visited Satbarwa years after she

left India.I was deeply touched by the thought that went behind that act.I put

that note in my purse and it survived my time in England,moving in and out

of two hospitals and it is here in my purse,a mute statement of a

commitment that was brought forward again this year when during the CMF

meet the host remembered her time as an elective in Kacchwa hospital and

the first name she mentioned was Anne Urquat.My heart was filled with

deep joy and a side of me wanted to fish out that ten pound scottish note

from my purse but instead I just said yes ,I knew her.
I have a few thing with me which have survived the chucking test,I can

perhaps write about them in time.

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