Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Sanctuary..

Sanctuary is the place you go to,to enter rest.
Basildon has a sanctuary located almost close to the reception ,next to the canteen where counselling takes place.It has been labelled 'all faith room'.
I entered the sanctuary just to have a look around and my eyes fell on the board which had post-cards pinned to the wall with 'messages to God'.It is meant to be the prayer needs.
One read-Dear Lord please help me with my hip surgery and please be with my little son who is going to be at home away from his mother for the first time.Please bless him'
Love K,
Another letter read-Dear God ,please help my grand dad come through this sickness this time round.Help him to hear us and understand us and please look after him whereever he is.
Love E,
Dear Jesus,
Please be with my husband even as he goes through this tough time.
Love Em,
One more read-
Dear Jesus,
Please look after A,B ,C and D even as they have gone to be with you.
I love you.
I sat down in the sanctuary and started my letter to Him as well.

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