Thursday, September 27, 2012

The crucifix.

C has alzheimers.She must be atleast eighty five.She accidentally consumed her husband's medicine and was brought to the A&E.Her husband looked more frail than her, was stone deaf and had to be wheel chaired around but he would never fail to chuckle aloud whenever he guessed that C wasn't talking sense.Sixtyfive years of marriage ,onslaught of debility and the alzheimers to boot had not diminished their deep love for each other.I asked her my usual bout of memory questions.Did she know who the monarch was?She did.She further added 'and here ,next to me is Prince Philip'.Her husband gave another chuckle.In between,I helped her with her tea cup as she was struggling to drink from it.They immediately warmed up and the next thing I knew, her husband wanted me to help her put back her crucifix chain that the doctor had asked her to remove during a procedure.
I was extremely touched by the sense of trust and camaderie and suddenly C started telling me about how much her church meant to her and how she had loved to be part of the choir and how the church was now planning to get back to using latin during the service.
We extended our hands towards each other, the crucifix sealed the deal.
I was touched even as C was oblivious to what was happening.

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