Saturday, September 29, 2012

The last few days.

The last few days have been hectic.The last but one day to my off week I was hit by an onslaught of cardiac patients.If you were to ask me I love cardiology.It is my favourite subject.I have managed so many cardiac patient's in my life and yet when it comes to managing patients here one likes to follow the local protocol.So fondiparanex comes into the picture.I remember ,during the herbertpur days ,there was a medical representative who used to drive us up the wall trying to promote fondiparanex.The moment we used to see him we used to run off .
So our patients rarely got fondiparenex,thanks to the MR.
I am hand writing each and every protocol into a notebook even as I come to it.I think it is basically following everything to the book since every type of investigation is available.
Today I wrote minutest details about paracetamol poisoning.
I got a local mobile sim for myself.Washed a whole pile of clothes,went downtown and watched basildon enjoying a saturday in the town centre,went in for a cold drink into a restaurant and decided to order coke float.I seriously thought we had invented coke float in one of the ice-cream shops in Bankura during our medical college days,almost more than fifteen years ago and lo here it was in a restaurant menu.I had to take a snap and the owner turned out to be a Guju from Nairobi.As soon as he heard that I was from India he offered to refill my glass with coke.I thanked him but declined the offer of extra coke but requested him to take the snap nevertheless.I am beginning to think Basildon is filled with Gujaratis.Every stone throw away I meet one of them. The closest I  have been to meeting so many gujaratis in a row was when I boarded the early morning train from Dehradun to Delhi.Ten minutes after the train reached Delhi,yours truly woke up.I was struggling to drag my battered suitcase across the train corridor when I realised it was a hopeless case.A whole file of extra healthy men and women in shorts,dragging in expensive looking suitcases,smelling of money were standing in the corridor all the way to the door.The train was Gujarat bound.Nobody lifted a finger to help me but reluctantly made way for me to deboard since there was a locked-in situation.
This gentleman however went out of his way to be nice and helpful.

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