Sunday, September 23, 2012

The napkin

Today is sunday.The weather forecast says that it is going to rain and it did.I have run out of groceries so I had to pop down to the market to get some supplies.Tescoes-I never fail to get what I want.Even managed a chilli paste.
A senior has offered to take me to a church today at six in the evening.My first in the UK.The weekends seem quite deserted in the hospital corridors.I had my breakfast in the canteen.Five items of hot cooked meal,I chose sausages,tomatoes,a fry made of potatoes and onions,I thought it looked a little over the top but I managed to eat it without getting sick.
Met an old lady on a walker,who swore like a fisherman but was dressed to the hilt,quite spirited I must say.
It did rain as was forecasted.Was waiting for my transport so I sat down at the Wimpy's to catch a hot chocolate with cream and the napkin caught my fancy.

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