Sunday, September 16, 2012


I have crossed half the world to come over to the UK but it is like I have never left my childhood behind.There is my family from all the world over on skype watching me,talking to me and making sure I am comfortable.My brother skyped me from Mangan,spoke to my parents,saw them after almost a month or so.Next was my sister from Delhi with my neice and my brother in law.My sister and brother -in law from Sydney were next, called in to check if I was allright on the way to the church.Muani called from Germany,caught up with her for around five minutes.
Early next morning I had but opened my eyes and there was a bleep again.This time it was my cousin from New Zealand,another from Darwin and my sister in Delhi in a group chat pulling me in.
This is the thing about family.The last time I was in a space like this was when the earthquake in Sikkim happened.We laughed the disaster through with all sorts of comic stuff that was going around even while the houses crumbled,people died,sad things happened.All of us stayed in touch.
Suddenly my cousin in New zealand remembered an incident which occured when we were kids.My dad used to take us to the boarding school in a blue city bus when we were kids.This was a public transport.After plying quite a distance my father realised he had forgotten to carry some papers.So he stopped the bus and decided to hike it home the shortest way.He went,collected his papers and came back after half an hour.
In the mean time the bus just waited for him,the public happily chatting  and simply enjoying themselves.This was Mangan!This actually happened and it's amazing how my cousin took it out from the archives of her memory this morning.These sort of memories take you back into time.

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