Sunday, July 14, 2013

Adieu Ireland !

I travel back from Derry with companions travelling to their holiday homes in castlerock ,a beautiful beach where the river Foyle goes on to meet the Irish sea which further on becomes the Atlantic ocean.Rows and rows of beautiful ,tiny caravans and pretty houses.Stretches of green,green lawns where posh ladies with their shades and designer clothes hit the ball.But wait,this is Ireland ,I realise.All the ladies in between their strokes take time to wave at the passing train with sunny smiles.You find yourself waving as well.
Belfast looks tame and quiet on the 13th.
I have some time to while before I catch my flight and I have decided to spend it at the Titanic centre.
The value cabs are the best bet.I pick up the direct phone and call a cab.
The driver gives me a detailed instruction as to what I can do .
The charge to the centre is nominal and he gives me a printed ticket and tells me to show it in the centre where I will get a concession.He also advises me as to what I should avoid if I wanted to avoid getting ripped.
I again reiterate ,lovely people this.
The titanic centre is interesting in that it takes us to the economic history of Belfast.
Belfast's industrial rise with Linen,ropes,ship-building,...etc.
It takes us through the history of Titanic.
We also hear the live voices of the actual passengers who survived.
There is so much written and said about that Olympic ship but at the end of the day one realises it is the people there who gives a character to an event.
I print out a souveneir ticket from the gift shop.
I have already had to chuck a pair of jeans due to lack of space in my hand baggage.
But I just cannot resist one thing I had been scouring the shops for 'A little book of Northern Ireland 'written by Mike Henigan.It is a must if you travel in Northern Ireland or you will be left asking a lot of questions.
For instance words like orange order,Ulster,republican,nationalist ,union,even a joke about George Best went over my head because I did not know who he was,I am sure my brother will never forgive me for this one!

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