Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Oh Doris!This is what i will miss of England.

Doris May was sixteen when the second world war was on in full-scale.
She was reading a book even as she was attatched to the moniter and her heart had but started beating normally.
Even as I was to disturb her from her moment of utter involvement in the book,I decided to ask her what she was reading.It was a recollection of life during the wars as remembered by the lady author and a peep into three lives of the charecters in the book.
Doris started chatting about what she remembered about the wars.
She was one of the five in the family.
She remembered other families having up to sixteen members.
She wistfully declared ,'but we were happy then,each one of us helping each other out through the tough time.As little as we were ,we helped our mother with all the chores,worked in the factory and went into the bunkers when the siren went off.We did not have enough to eat but we were very happy.She did not seem too concerned about who the prime minister was then.She said,'I see my daughter once a week now'.
I had other stuff to catch up with so I told Doris,'I'll catch up some other time allright,I need to get back to work'.
She wistfully replied,'You know when we were young we used to play this game of going up to different doors,rattle the knocker and then run away'.
It took me sometime to understand her.

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