Monday, July 8, 2013

Second chance!

I have always wondered what it would have been like to have grandparents.
I am the youngest in a family of five siblings.
My paternal grandmother who was the last to pass away missed me by a year.
I watch my little niece and nephews interact with their grandparents and I keep wondering how much I must have missed.
The way grandparents deal with their grand-children is so different from the way they would have dealt with their children.
I have personally observed my parents interact with their grandchildren.
They are a lot more demonstrative,more gentle and are way more lenient.
Little Anhaita can get away with not having a bath for two whole days when in her summer holidays.
She can play with the mud,gather the children from the streets in the compound,pick fruits from the trees ,skin her knees,play marbles in the street,not open her homework even once ,fight with her aunty,...and the list goes on.
Little Martin could rip open a whole pillow with the softest feather and flood the room with magical floating dream and all he would be greeted with was joyful laughter......he would wet the family with the garden hose,pee in the shopping complex imitating the statue which was meant to be a fountain,take the family on a trip by running into a busy traffic.Never have I heard them raise their voice .I have often wondered if it was a case of 'doing it differently with experience,-a second chance.

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