Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Remembering a saint....without a name or a trace but just a childhood memory.

Some memories are so strongly imprinted in your mind that somehow it never leaves you.
I must have been around four years old.
The road above our compound in Mangan was being metalled.
There were people and more people working on it with the GREF overseeing the supervision since it falls in the border road area.
There was this man on the heavy wheels who used to drive the vehicle to plain the tar.
He was a Christian and he loved the lord.
He would put us children on the vehicle and too our utter joy allow us to sit on the passenger seat even as he drove too and fro .
Whilst at this ,he would sing this beautiful Christian song with a beautiful voice and tears in his eyes which remained engraved in my memory forever.
Maile char disha ma here,
aakash dharte samma here ,
Timee jast mukti data ,
Maile katai paina paina,
maile char disha ma here.
Phukalie bandhan saara aphno ragat le dhoyera,
maile katai....
Translated it means-'I have looked in all four directions,
I have looked into the sky and the earth
I have never found a savior like you,one who has freed me from all bondages
,washed  by his own blood,
,I have never found a savior like you although I have looked in all four directions....

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