Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Fiction writing -an art! Are you sure?

I am a lazy person intellectually.I try as far as I can to save my brain .Unlike my siblings who love competing with each other with puzzles,games...etc I keep myself steered out from such hard work.I use my brain sparingly ,hopefully,where it is needed.
When I declared it to my oldest sister once ,she immediately called out to her husband ,'Colin ,did you hear that?'
I am not sure it is such a good idea though because science does say that the brain needs to be used to keep it sharp.
I like to restfully flow and I firmly believe serenpidity surprises a rested brain.
With some amount of apprehension and a push from a friend I decided to enrol into the Oxford distance learning on fiction writing.
It starts in a month's time but as per the syllabus they have prescribed three books I should have with me for the course,I bought two and am yet to lay my hands on the third.
Now that I am reading ,'How fiction works ',by James Wood,I am beginning to realise that fiction writing is not just an art but also a science.
At the moment I am lost somewhere between 'free indirect style and authorial inflection'.
Hopefully I should come out of it in one piece ,with my brains intact and a book in hand?

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Meena Varghese said...

Hi Chering, I love reading your blogs! All the best for your fiction writing course!
Meena Varghese