Thursday, July 11, 2013

The first stroddle through Belfast.

For a city which is part of great Britain,Belfast on a superficial wander seems to be filled with hospitals and medical facilities and churches almost at every five minutes distance.
I call the manager of the open top bus to pick me up the next day and he says he will and I can pay him on the spot tomorrow.
I find Belfast a liitle strange and oddly different ,although I have hardly seen the place as yet.
Hospital and churches?
Is it a reflection of the recent history?
I saw the documentary on Londonderry by the BBC ,Belfast yesterday.I found myself crying and deeply touched by the hardship and the spirit of the people and a sense of triumph when Londonderry was declared the cultural capital of Britain.
There is so much one can absorb in this part of the land.
I look forward to exploring the city ,especially the murial arts from the difficult times,a form of  expression which might have made the burden of the hospitals and the church lighter.
Four days is much too short indeed.
Please visit Ireland.It is a great land.

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