Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Do we qualify?

I was reading about David and Bethsheba this morning.
Uriah the Hittite whose only qualification to be mentioned in the bible was the fact that he was Bethsheba's husband and what a mammoth proportion he takes of David's life because of the mistake that David makes.
David,the seemingly redeemer of God's people,the powerful man,annointed of God,a man after God's own heart commits a crime which according to the world seems apparently innocent but God sees the heart and he disqualifies.For everyone's good it could have been swept under the carpet but in God's account it counts and it counts so much that he narrowly escapes losing his own life regardless of the fact that he is a source of so much blessing.
God's justice is perfect.
Only Jesus in us qualifies.The question is,is Jesus in us the decision maker in our lives?
Do we qualify?


Andi and Sheba Eicher said...

Cherring - Uriah was also one of David's mighty men. So the crime David did was even greater - he killed a man who was one of his best friends - and who must have risked his life countless times for David.

pixi said...

Dear Andi,
Thank you Andi and Sheba for the comment.
Some responses that came to my mind-
Is there a greater and a lesser crime?
Does the bigness of a crime depend on the person it is being perpetuated on or the perpetuator of the crime?
Just some thoughts.

pixi said...

Actually there are a few special group of people that have been I think,mentioned-
a widow,an orphan,a stranger...God's anointed...and then according to Jesus-'our enemies'.
What a radical God!
This is becoming a bit theoretical ,needless to say,you guys actually live it.