Tuesday, July 9, 2013

'Brick-lane'-on a sunday!

We decided to make it to the petticoat lane and walk further up to the bricklane one sunday.East-end it was to be.

My sister in law had wanted to see the street art and had been asking me about it.

We walked through the petticoat lane,miles and miles long array of junk,could have been Sarojani market in Delhi.

As we asked for direction ,one soul directed us to 'a traffic light through which thousands would be walking towards a direction '.

I wondered where we were headed to?

Soon we saw people and more people walking towards a direction as well as jam-packed and sitting on the road-side in rows and rows,just eating out of paper plates.

A novel sight in London.

We kept walking,sighted a few street graffiti's which my sister in law captured with her lenses for her younger daughter who is the arty type .

It was a sharp turn to the left and into a hall,which was a strangely surprising food court which was selling food from every part of the world.

The youngsters headed straight for a bracelet shop, one could choose one's own knick knack to build into a bracelet.

They paid around forty pounds for a bracelet each which was a trinket to say the most.

I opted for momos,mach ordered some morrocan food which was a bigger helping than we could manage,a caribbean stall made me a refreshing pineapple juice.

We sat out by the roadside like the thousands around and ate our lunch fascinated by the concept.

We walked in through the stalls which had arrays and arrays of quirky items and then we walked into this hall where all the art works were aestheticaly ,casually displayed .

At the end ,facing the street was this hall with long log tables and benches with prospectus for the art school casually thrown in everywhere.

We sat down on the bench and waited for the youngsters to catch up.They were still in the bracelet shop.

We picked up two coffees from the counter,the sugar had run out.

We sat down on the bench and looked at the other side of the street which was flooded with youngsters ,probably art students.

There was something extremely relaxing about the place.

I am discovering a thing or two about myself.

Walking down the streets of Oxford ,reminiscing on the research topics I had seen on the flier I remember asking Joy,'Joy ,what is the use of doing research on such vague topics?'-How is it going to make the world a better place?'

Joy laughed with amusement and said,'It is about selling ideas.'

I look at the youngsters and wonder what the huha about the trinkets are?

I actually never went through that phase in life when I was actually fascinated by such things.

A youngster tells me ,'It makes the young kids happy!'

I do have a lot to learn in life it seems.

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