Tuesday, July 16, 2013

It is a mystery!

I am a cold fish.
It does not take much effort on my part to leave a place.
I don't even feel sentimental about these things anymore.
Yesterday evening I found myself tuning in to see what was happening in Northern Ireland.
This morning during my morning prayer I felt such an ache in my heart.
A few days after I came back from Ireland I tuned in to a vineyard service and there were two preachers preaching.Incidentally the first preacher had been a protestant from Northern Ireland according to whom his favourite portion of the church used to be the doxology where the closing prayer goes,'Amen ,amen ...aaaamen' before he became a believer and he preached through the Galatians,a fiery message on the Holy spirit and it's manifestations.
The second preacher had his roots in the catholic faith in the southern Ireland and he was sharing how he used to regularly go to the church as a boy because he was so scared that he would boil in the fire of hell.That is how the priests used to scare the little boys but he never read his bible and did not own one because the priests read it for them.
The message spoke to me deeply.
This morning while in my prayers I found myself weeping for Ireland and the dynamics there.I prayed for that land.
I barely let anything get under my skin .and it is entirely unintentional.Somehow Ireland seems to
have got through.

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