Saturday, July 6, 2013

One life,a day and a year!

Her age read 38 but she did not look a year older than nineteen.
Had been brought in with an overdose.She had howled the corridors of the hospital through the night.
I went in to see her during the morning round,a nice lady,perfectly sane was sharing with me about her children's exploits.
Mid-day,her children were brought in by the husband ,two lovely children in their adolescent years.
Wept the entire visit through.
Through the sobs were the insecurity of obviously failing marriage.
The husband a dandy in his shorts and his shades bounced in and played the perfect father,hugging the children..
There was another lady,a friend ,I am not sure what her role was.
It was impossible for anyone in the viscinity not to get involved.
The relatives who were visiting the patient woud put in a word or two.
It was perfect mix of emotional manipulation,helpessness,betrayal ,insecurity and I don't know what.
I think I put on a year in just one day!

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