Sunday, July 28, 2013

I like happy endings Keith!

Yes I like happy endings !
The night team specially walked up tp me to hand over a patient.
A bad case of sepsis who was bringing out an altered vomitus,had a distended abdomen and was tachypnoiec and tachycardic.
I struggled with him the whole day.
At one point I thought I had lost him.
I had put him up for escalation.His parameters were deceptively normal so the ITU refused to take him.
His INR was elevated.,
At the end of the day he saw me picking up my bag and he asked me,'Are you going now?'
I said not.
The nearest of kin listed in his papers was a friend.
At seven in the evening a man and a woman walked in.
I asked Keith if I could talk to them about his situation.
He gave me the permission.
The man started off by saying what a lovely man Keith was and how he loved cars.He had known him but two years..The lady had known him a while longer.Apparently he never spoke about his past.His words to describe his past was 'happily divorced for the past 25 years'.He apparently has two sons and he refuses to give his friends their address.I felt a sad tug in my heart.How fragile relationships are and how painful their legacy when they fail.
Tonight I will whisper a prayer for you Keith and your two sons.The lady did not mention the wife.


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