Saturday, July 13, 2013

Revisiting my religion,not my faith.

Belfast was in news for the violence during the orange parade yesterday.
While going on the bus tour I saw that mammoth bonfire effigy in the protestant part of town.
That effigy was in news today.
Amongst the things thrown in to be burnt which included the republican flags was an idol of mother Mary.
The twelfth of July is celebrated by the Orange order which consider themselves to be the protecter of the protestant religion.
The history of the orange order goes back to 1795.
Now the July 12th procession is considered to be more of a traditional thing but it still manages to stir some hornet's nest.
Yesterday ,in Belfast there were some restrictions put in for the procession to get into certain quarters and that caused quite a stir , the media reported it widely.However in Derry the procession went on peacefully .
Coming back to the idol of Mary,a shankill(protestant) man apparently recovered the statue of the virgin Mary from a stacked bonfire and handed it over to a catholic priest.
That statue is perhaps a symbol of all that stands between the two denomination and yet as the writer points out that with that one step the shankill man has fulfilled the second greatest commandment Christ had commanded-'Love your neighbour...'
The incident reminded me to revisit my religion,not my faith.

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