Thursday, July 11, 2013

Derry -London Derry

Reached Londonderry,known as the city of culture.Train journey was staid and suddenly started picking up from castke-rock.This city is well known for the G-8 summit which was held here a couple of weeks ago.
I booked into the Beech-Hill country house which seemed reasonably priced and looked like a quiet place.As soon as I reached Derry I started receiving an update about who all had stayed there.There was Kennedy,Clinton and Cameroon in the recent G-8 summit.The best part was it took me sometime to remember who Cameroon was.I take it to being tired after the journey.
The hotel apparently used to be owned by a judge and had through the generation been converted into a hotel.The rooms were plush,the bathrooms plusher,the halls were filled with what a posh old money country house would be filled with.
Tomorrow,being the 12th of July there would be a procession and the bands would be out on the street playing ...I look forward to Derry celebrating the Orange.
I can't get over the bathroom though.It looks like something straight out of the Victorian age.
It has acres and acres of lawn and a beautiful driveway-something like 'Mandalay 'from Rebecca.
I looked out of my French window in the bathroom and guess what?There is a waterfall,a bridge and a beautiful walk within the premises,not to mention horse-riding.
By the way,Derry is also the only walled city in Europe .
The other main attraction here is the 'giant causeway' which has been numbered the 8th wonder of the world by the world heritage body.
I am yet to see it.
Ireland keeps throwing surprises at me.I love it.


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