Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Just a thought on a flight.

Looking out of the window of the flight approaching Belfast one sees an endless stretch of sea.I look out fascinated at the body of water without a horizon with specks of island with proper settlement in place.A ship is on sail,a speck from the sky,hardly moving .
The clouds below,the sea and the sky merges into each other ,difficult to discern ....somethings will remain hazy depending on where you are looking at things from.Yes ,the sky,the sea and the clouds are so different.and yet from this angle they look like almost one ,the borders merging into each other.
I look from the top at the sea and the immenseness of it scares me,I am a stranger to it and yet perchance something were to happen to us ,the chances of us surving would be higher in that scary looking alien sea than the land we are so familiar and comfortable with.Look at the clouds from the top,it looks fluffy and soft and seemingly comfortable .You feel you could just lie on it and float away and yet it is just an illusion,it wouldn't hold you a single second and could be the cause of the turbulence causing the mishap in the first-place.
Yet we must not forget that man has received as much and more from the land as it has from the sea and the cloud.
It all depends on which angle you are looking at things from.
Perhaps before one comes to conclusion about people and things ,it's good to step back and see whether a slight change of position on one's part would change the total picture completely.
No there are no absolutes but for One.

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