Sunday, July 21, 2013

Finding the Father!

Today I travelled one hour ,twenty minutes to attend a church service at Tottenham court.The hillsong church which was being conducted in a theatre.Charles Neuman from Elpaso, Texas was supposed to be preaching in prelude to the 2013 London conference which is a week from now.
I was not sure which exit I was to take from the underground-I just followed my gut and walked straight into the door of the theatre.
The theatre was teeming.I just about made it into a seat.I thought that must have been the only seat empty.The worship was what hillsong worships are generally like.I just about managed to connect and then it was over.
A young guy,I'll call him Amos,all of twenty-three years glowing with the glory of Christ,gave a testimony that took the cake and had most in the audience weeping.
He was born to an unwed seventeen year old in the south-west of London.He was given up to the social services and changed five foster homes.
He did not remember the first foster parents,he was too small but the second home he clearly remembered and loved it.However ,at the age of eight his foster parents decided they did not want him anymore.
He walked the earth with this deep pain of rejection for the next six years.He was kept in an orphanage before some family picked him up.He was such an angry child.He once broke the nose of one of his teachers in a fit of anger.One day while on a shopping trip with his foster family he saw a father and a son playfully playing around and that broke him completely.He missed not having his father ,he went back home and cried in his room.At the age of fourteen his foster parents dragged him to the church.He had no desire to go.That changed everything.
Today,the strapping young man is a Cambridge graduate and raring to go and is standing up in the Hillsong stage and giving a testimony which touches the chord of every heart in the room somewhere, remembering what  Jesus means to each one of us.
The datas speak of homeless ,abandoned orphans filling the jails and the juveinile delinquent homes.
Just how many Amos' meet with the Lord and experiences this turn-around?
Have I consciously or unconsciously facilitated it?


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