Friday, July 26, 2013

Foreshadow of the things to come...

David ,was a weak shadow of the redeemer who was to come.
Shimei,from Saul's clan curses the mighty King and his men and pelts stones at them,calls him a murderer ,scoundrel....
Imagine the scenario in this day and age .
Imagine the scenario in that day and age.
When David's men intents to harm the man and calls him a dead dog,David rebukes his men.
Brought to mind the stage before crucification when the soldiers come to arrest Christ.
Simon Peter in a fit of anger cuts off the servant's ear and how Jesus rebukes Peter and makes the servant's ear whole again.
David had committed a murder.David had been a scoundrel in some phase of his life,but he was a God-fearing man.
Jesus on the other hand did not deserve the shackles,He was purity personified.
He not only rebukes his disciple for intending harm on the servant He also restores his ear to wholeness.
David was a God fearing king,
Jesus was God himself.
One did not act out of fear of God ,
and the 'Other 'acted out of Love for you and me.


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