Friday, July 26, 2013

The conference.

I have never been to a conference like the one at O2 yesterday where waves and waves of humanity were there representing various churches,families and individuals.
To me it seemed that every seat was filled and this mass of humanity were swaying to the rythemn of the day.
Even as Chris Tomlin sang his songs,I went into a time of prayer and in my mind's eye I was visualising the Lord Jesus casually sitting down on the steps 'just being' serenely even as the mass of humanity lifted his name up.As I was praying I was praying for Chris Tomlin and I was addressing him as this brother who is leading the worship,I remembered my unsaved part of the family,my saved part of the family,my friends who are struggling,my colleagues who are in various points of their lives,my seniors,my juniors,my facebook friends,my friends who have been a family for me in England,my colleagues at work here in Basildon ,the children I know,...I prayed for that mass of humanity gathered in the O2 arena,I remembered Ireland,....I prayed for the missions back at home.....,I lifted my hands everytime Louis called out for a show of hands for prayer....something I have done only once in my life.....and never since......
 Between Louis Giglio's message and the worship time Louis asked us to turn around and greet the people around and I saw big men with tears running down their face.
The conferences I have attended here has a poignant moment ,the moment when someone gets up and gives the touches most hearts because these are people God has truely touched-dead people brought to life.As Louis Giglio put it, when a funeral is interrupted and death converted to life it does make a big testimony.
If we do not have a testimony chances are that we do not know the Christ of the gospel.
Christianity is not a set of moral values to make us a better person.It is not a way of life we inherit from our parents..
It is a life and death situation .
May we experience that 'life' that Jesus gives,'voilently' everyday of our lives.

brought them to life....

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