Sunday, July 14, 2013

How can these things be?

I am sitting down in the lounge in Londonderry waiting for the train to Belfast,reading through the morning papers.
...and I am weeping.
Because as unworthy as I am ,today I realise the spirit of God was hovering over me .
I was reading about the July 12th bon-fire and the incident of the statue of mother Mary being restored to the catholic father by the protestant man.
I was weeping at the absoluteness of Jesus,His words that reach out to the crux of the matter and shows us something precious ,something to be held on to amidst the confusion that prevails.
The bible says- 'I am the Lord your God and there shall be no God's over me.'
That was the point where He touches the issue about idol worship and man as we are harp on and on about a man-made structure which might in no way be our idol.
The shankill man who returned the statue to the catholic father,I believe, had a spirit of a peacemaker,for it was Jesus who said ,'Blessed are the peace-makers,they shall be called the children of God.'
In a certain way he broke an idol by what he did yesterday.
Oh friends believe me,all of us have idols that take precedence over God the father ,God the son and God the Holy spirit.
May the spirit of God bring life in these areas of death and reveal the beauty and absoluteness of Jesus....and help us to understand who the person of Christ really is.


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